Monday, 5 October 2009

Take it easy babe..

It's been a hard day's night.. or it's been a hard night's day.. Yeah better this way.
Well we went to this "farewell to the summer and to Murat" party. Well Murat being a lovely collegue at my previous office who departs for his military service soon.
Anyway.. it has been quite a party.. A night that ended.. actually it didn't end, I had to watch H over that had the most terrible drunkness and hangover ever. I mean have you seen someone suffacating in her sleep since she is asleep but still going on with the vomiting process with the 4th session.

So here we are back in peace, cats and everyone, me on the knees of a dear friend, taking pictures, recovering from our hillarious but very tiring night.

A good confession: Yesterday, at the party, I envied the couples I saw after months. That endured the crisis, the mass layoffs and all.. I was tired before all drunkness and hangover story

So "take it easy babe..".
This is what we shall tell our selves during recovery, right?

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