Saturday, 2 January 2010

The Day After The New Year's Eve Party

Oh, it has been a beautiful sunny, morning with loads of rest after the new year's eve celebration of ours

What party?
First: it is a FUNNY tradition to wear red underwear at new year's eve..

Second: Feels SO GOOD to be brave as a Turk to dance all night

Third: To share a beautiful table with all the good foood from the participants


Fourth : VERY GLORIOUS to push your very ill friends to join you, to get them up and running for the celebration

This is us pausing with our security guy waiting for our cab..

but feels SO SILLY to cause them more fever the day after


We wish you a happy new year from our home !


  1. I kile the look of your cats, they're bizzarely very much alike my parents'...maybe I'll post about them one day so you can compare...

  2. Haha.. this is funny but true my cats look more mature than us. Tjis may be because they didn't party :)
    Looking after the photo you will send


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