Monday, 4 January 2010

Leaving A Year Behind

My Dear 2009 Calendar,

Such a relief to throw you in the bin.
I know we had few happy moments together
but admit it, you've been such a challenge(a.h.):
Learned about loosing my job in February,
Broke up with boyfriend in March,
Had debts to keep my first home.
Well ok, you made me write more,
you made me publish,
you gave me this blog.
But, did you really have to make your very last move
by giving me the last day of December
where I learned that I have a insuline resistance?
Come on ! I am so happy to leave you.

Dear Sweet Calendars of 2010,

Most of you are gifts.
I have been waiting to fill your white pages
open your brand new, shiny covers.
You have been so promising through the words of Susan Miller.
Let the Pisces year begin !

Here are my new year's resolutions:

1- Use all your body creams in the bathroom
and in the bedroom on daily basis and not every 6 months.
2- Brush your teeth 2 times a day
3- Gather all your money left in one bank and invest
4- Start your low carb diet
5- Walk at least 20 mn a day, preferably in the mornings
6- Sell TelcoAnalytics
7- Bring your ex CRM project team together on a dinner.
8- Have your dream birthday party with friends
9- Empty your wardrobe
and give away the clothes and accessories that are not exciting anymore

10- The chosen challenge of the year is Blind Dates.

Every year I do one thing that I would think I would never do:
So far, I ate liver for a year, dyed my hair and became a false blonde in another, used colored contacts for another year.. a very good habit to make you enlarge your borders

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