Sunday, 6 December 2009

Something I learned from Jo

I remember the first day I met Jo, it was a very serious icy IT meeting that I was late for. She was no-rection face and giving short cold answers. Then I went my way during the meeting and she smiled at me. Thast was it.. She has been another kiner surprise friendship in my life and I love her presence in my life.And her blog on her own japanese garden of course. I am so proud of what she does now. She is changing her carrier. She decided to study gardening and give a less space to our IT world.

Jo is very practical and my inspiration for reading, sewing and knitting. I like the way she is. A tomboy that has such delicate feminine tastes. A kinder surprise as I mentioned and a resourceful person.

So this is what I do for the books I can not afford to buy the hardcover version.


  1. your list of the things you collect that you left on my blog today totally cracks me up. cat food? how do you collect cat food? :-) and the little prince in all possible languages, that's fabulous!

  2. and I forgot to add the dish soaps from all around the world.. then I use them


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