Friday, 28 August 2009

On the Way Home


on my way home I heard something beautiful, I stopped by and tasted the moment.. I listened to the whispers of the pine trees' leaves in the beautiful summer evening

"I am the Eye
I am the Light
I am the new limit in the sky

I am the water in the glass
I am the water in the sea
I am tree and I am grass
I am the generation ‘C’

I am the Queen, I am the King
I am the holder of the Ring
I have power in my fists
I know no fear: I took all risks

I am the one who couldn’t wait any longer
I am the imaginary number
I am the new one in the band...
I am big
I am small...
I can’t wait to hold your hand
∞ "

Today ,
has been Maya STEINS' first day out on earth.
The little sweet poem above is written by "Mr. Father" on the occasion of the baby annnouncement. I just loved it and wanted share it with you.
Welcome to our Planet Maya where away from the plazas, trees whisper on the way back home, if you have time to listen.
And I just love it Maya.
Hope you will too..
ps: can't wait to hold your hand!

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