Friday, 28 August 2009

To Julochka From Our Home ..

Dear Julochka;

We like to watch her supernatural efforts to knit her huge alpaca cardigan in her bedroom's August heat, in the dim light with the soft songs of the radio.

Isn't she sweet? As pure as snow just like her name implies..

Home is clean now. The carpets and the fridge sent by her mother are settled now. So the clutter was hers. And not ours Julotchka! We may give love bites on each others backs, we may race at nights, break beatiful candleholders, frames, burners, plates, vases or dig the soil out of the pots, eat her plants, drink from the kitchen tab when she is not around but no Juloschka, no that mess, those folded carpets, those mirrors, that mess was not ours ! We may just take the pleasure of scratch tha carpets but no.. we have nothing to do with this mess, with her mother obsessed by her having cold bear foot on the floor.
That would just be unfair..
We are just two serene creatures. Godsends.. We are the peace on earth..


Thomas and Chico

And one more thing by the way..

Although she doesn't know what what we do when she is gone, we know more about her life out.

We know her enthousiasm to attend her Project Management Professional certificate preparation course despite her achy itchy eyes with Chico's eternal conjuctivitis (she shouldn't try that hard to cure cats eyes)

or which favorite breakfast she had for instance, this morning

Or her favorite fairy tale(Snow Queen of course!), or and thus her dream land (Scandinavia) or that she is in rage of not being able to Sweden while her best friend is visiting Stocholm for a family wedding right now..
We know more and we are more Julochka.

Loves from this side of the earth,

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