Saturday, 27 February 2010

The 100th Post - Biography of A Home

This is my 100th post.
I have published 99 before.

I had a lot to say and I still have more.
In order to tell something, one has to have phrases. What makes us build phrases? What makes us share them here?

I worked so much on this post but I can not express my self as  do not know how much shall I let myself say?
I can not say.
But at least I can share some photos here.
I first started a blog two years ago on 27th of February 2008 in my mother tongue Turkish but even the first post made me realise how far I was from my dream home.

In April 2008 there was a visit to the wish-hill where we climbed thinking about our wishes and did not speak to each other.

The wish hill seemed to work out miraculously..

I remember the first day I visited this apartment

I came from the office in a lunch break, I was so sleepless, so in love, that I secretly, desperately fell asleep on the bed. I could not believe I could afford it. Then my officemate H loved the appartment and convinced me to try.

So I moved in.

Head over heels..

A story I am not able to tell. There is a hole in me that I can not put to words.

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  1. congratulations!!
    Even though I am with you and live every single detail written here; I love love to read your blog.


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