Friday, 2 July 2010

My Home as a Tupperware Catalog

I lately found the winter 2008-2009 catalog at home while organising to get ready for the moving. And I remember the day I received it and how magical it felt to see that it was as if Tupperware published my home that season.  This absolute feeling of completeness is called happiness.

We buy products looking at some photos, commercials, catalogs, envying that life in there, that home. And we want, we want to have these people, be these people, have these products, the decoration in the pictures, that life which are there for the photo shoots ad commercials and soon to be demounted.

What if the life you mounted, your home appears to be what those catalog tried to capture?
What if when you loose it?
What if when you find your self able to mount many lives, many beautiful homes out of yourself?
What if all catalogs vanish?
What if you are robust but not necessarily complete all the time?
This is the way I feel today. And this is what this blog has been the log, the story of this humble achievement.

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