Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Leaving it Behind - A Recipe

This is my new friend M, talking on the phone with his bird love over our dinner on the terrace.
Love makes him smile and loose her casual face expression in this giant smile.
That was a nice chat where we listened back to Fairouz, a legend in the middle east, a beautiful bird singing sadness, the big eye make up she wears in my childhood
He gave me in a way the recipe of leaving it behind, a love, a job, a city, a life. And asked me for the recipe of Kisir(turkish tabouleh) instead. I wish I could put a photo to the recipe but he already finished his kisir in his plate in the photo. Here we go for the tabouleh recipe:
1,5 cup of fine boulgour(crashed wheat)
1 cup boiling water
3 heaped tablespoon of tomato paste
2 tablespoon of chilly paste
1,5 tablespoon of pomegrenate sauce(optional)
olive oil(as much as you want)
lemon juice(as much as you want)
2 teaspoon of cumin
1teaspoon of chilli powder
4 scallions
3 cucumbers
2 large tomates
2 handful of minth leaves
5 leaves of lettuce

Kisir is a good idea to prepare for a crowd and very easy to prepare since you can taste it and change the quantities according to your own taste.
Finely chop scallions, lettuce, minth leaves and chop the remaining vegetables(I like cucmbers and tomatoes chopped in bigger sizes). Take boulgour in a casserole and add the water, close the lid (know that this dry ingredient will become 3 times bigger when left with some boiling water, so choose your casserole size accordingly). Leave for 10 mn. Open the lid and add the olive oil, lemonjuice, tomato and chilli paste, keep stirring and add the spices. Add the minth leaves. then the remaining vegetables.

Does anyone have a good recipe for leaving it behind? Your hopes along with your dreams..
I couldn't find it in my way, no recipes but just crawling and waiting.

There was this retired war pilot I met in Costa Cafe. Seing my tears, he gave me me his own one: "Don't look at your shoes, look forward. You are looking at your shoes now. Look forward and see what happens. When I was going to the war, up there there was no one. Leave it to Allah." How sharp he is in life could be seen in his eyes.
I allways wanted to be more than a knife in life. That may be the reason, what makes me crawl.
But you see.. Everybody has at least one recipe in life. Some share.

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