Saturday, 25 April 2009


There was that time where after days and days in my appartment, silence within silence, I took the advantage of the movie festival, to be in other lives, understand my self within, and those days I decided to go out, take pictures for my new blog in the city.. I struggled in the calm and in the silence.

Treasured people I love

..Special times with my soul sister, happy in the shade of the big plane tree that she is and.. her sweet husband.

..Special times with Mother that I tortured whole my life. Just started knowing her and treasuring..

..Special introduction, a new special woman in my life, big round blue eyes full of something I wasnt able to name but still there ready to innund with the grandiose sensations oppressed.

..And a very special friend, long distance calls.. In the lonely life he is.. sharing all he learned from his own hard times and loneliness.

They were allways there..

In the emptiness of my home..

Following a dream may take you to the silence of the totalitarian regime and when you wake up one day, you wake up alone, you are deserted, there is only your dream and you , and the other day, and the next one you wake up in the same place. In where you are deserted.. Within your dream.

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  1. Sevgili Berfin
    You are never deserted by your dreams.. Keep them inside; scatter them all around you. Together with your beauty and kindness


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