Thursday, 4 June 2009

Changing Home, Changing Time

This bench outside the building's door knows me well. I called her name loud every time I arrived there: "Kaaa-riiiin.." If not heard.. again: "Kaaaa-riiin". This entry brings me the fresh smell of my cucumber-feta sandwiches, the taste of the cacao biscuits of 7 o'clock school days of our chilhood.

These stairs supported my steps going up to their appartement. My steps for 26 years, I use to take them two by two. now I am slower. They carried my feet carying my excitement, my "big news", my depressions, my life. I carried so much up there.

The stairs are still smelling the same. Getting you ready for her mother's home, embellished with her faith. Her faith in God, her faith in good days to come. Her home has always been an icon of beautiful nest for me.

Today I take these stairs to see the family on the occasion. She is not in. The family, all five sisters and their kids and come together on occasions. They come from the States, from Sweden from a close district nearby. They always are good together. And crowded.

This time, its for her wedding. Karin's wedding. Celebrating Faith and Love.

Today I sat on their table, had my water as usual, they had their morning coffees. The babies grew to kids, kids to grown ups. Even my favorite blondie that I remember carrying in my arms is engaged now. There we were circled around the very well known dining table, chatting about.. Life.. surrounded by Karin's new home gift in Zara Home bags.

The photo I have put here above is Dyala's, her yooungest niece of 5 years old. Below I tried to catch her calling her aunt asking about she comes to take her to school.

This coffee table, I know it well. This blue-green bowl, that painting on the wall, these frames, I all know them well. And they know me well now. So well for 26 years.

I love the warmth and the beauty of this home, the big hugs of this family and the 26 years that have passed in the train whistle, the vapour from the kithen's delicious cooking, the wind blowing the clean curtains, the soft light through.

I loved Karin's.

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