Sunday, 14 June 2009

Happy Father's Day

Since the day, she was born, Rice has been the baby to 4 mothers my mother says... and of a great father.

Happy Father's day to our Rice's father.. The best father that could happen in her life so far.

My father..
He has been like this enormous cargo vessel passing so slowly through my narrow water gaps, in my shallow waters . Having an itinerary previously, a target, not quite understanding that meanwhile he passes through my waters, riping my waters, my life so enormously.
He is this very brave guy, father at the age of 24, sharp then and in love with law and politics.
I met this shining father and son in the farmers' market yesterday. I wanted to take a picture but my camera was running out of battery. The son served me with what I bought from there. He was around 10, bashful but happy you could say from his skin, pinkish and small happy blue eyes, a good student, a protective nice family's child, very well-behaved. His father explained that the summer break started and the son came to help him. The father had a proud smile talking about the son with a lacking teeth, his hard thick skin engraved by the days in the sun, working in the sun with a decent life.
I wanted to take a picture of them, the father and the sun smiling under different skins but in harmony. May be I will, next week in the real father's day -not in my mistaken one- and publish it if they allow me to.

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