Sunday, 14 June 2009

The Pesto Sauce and The Goodness of Farmers' Market

Some goodness from the local farmers' market in Istinye is in my messy, happy kitchen now: fresh minth leaves, fresh thyme, fresh basil, home made tomato and pepper sauce and of course mulberries that make me think of their beautiful humble tree they fell from.

I will make pesto at basil's best time, with the recipe from Arman Kirim's very useful cookery book: Arman Hoca'nin Dunya Mutfagi (The World Cuisine of Professor Arman). I loved following his writings on cookery in the national Hurriyet newspaper but my favorite has been "Tazesi Makbuldur"(The Freshest Is Recommended), such an interesting good read, the autobiographical work of a successful economics professor that recites the stories around his cooking adventure, the life and the people around it. I especially liked the chapter on his italian neighbour and how he learns about pasta and italian cooking and the sudden loss of this beautiful young lady. So.. as he highly recommends in his "Freshest is Recommended" book, I went to the local farmers' market which I always loved to go. So let's have our fresh basil leaves from the marketplace and start doing an easy and great pesto sauce that you can save in the freezer for months.Recipe from Arman Kirim's book(Arman Hoca'nin Dunya Mutfagi) :

Fresh basil leaves- 2 big handfuls
Garlic - 2 cloves
Olive Oil- Extra Virgin, 1/2 cup
Pine Nuts - 2 table spoons
Parmesan Cheese- Grated, 2 table spoons
Salt and freshly grinded black pepper

Puree all ingredients using a food processor and keep the sauce in the freezer to make a great taste out of a simple pasta. I am using this pesto sauce in different simple dishes such as chicken soup.

And as always.. don't forget to share. This time, I am going to share half of mine with my generous soul Oya who shared the local olive oil coming from her mother-in-law's favorite shop.

I have some plans to keep the fresh tyme chopped in olive oil with some garlic. I will check the internet whether others thought of such a solution.

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