Sunday, 19 July 2009

Back to Work

I got up, went to the bathroom. Opened my eyes and saw what I have achieved: I still have a home.
I dressed upPut on my fragrance and make-up. And when I left home, I was sorry for my cats but when I heard my high heels clacking in th doorway, I felt.. happy..regained.. back!
Hande, Pelin, Oya, Gokhan, my mother and my sister were the ones that were physically with me in these awful days in the flat. Graces of my life.. I have always been grateful for them.
I saw him in my dream last night he saw me and ignored me in the crowd, I saw his hand dyed with henna.he is getting married with someone else now.And I thought when ı was looking in the mirror this morning putting my mascara on, how happy I was and how would it be for us, if he would have stayed with me, with which with bond we would have been attached forever through the days we would have been through.
The unique truth now is that I am here sitting in a cafe with the other plaza workers, waiting for the office to be opened, knowing well the grace, the grace of my precious ones. And not being able to have my tea and my pastry, I am so used to home made food now, must have lost the habit of cafe food somewhere..
I have just called mom and thanked her. She said that I was a strong girl and that there will be harder days in life.
At the end of my first day at work after 5,5 months, happily I left the office.
Walking down the street with bankers, asked my self what differs today from the others, what have I had now, the prompt answer : My Rails !

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