Monday, 20 July 2009

Singing With My Brother

I made a long way to the summerhouse outside the city to visit my parents. My father was happy to see me. He showed me the new terrace, we sat down there outside in our old bamboo bench forgotten in the rain. We chit chat than shared a peaceful moment of silence, staring at the view. I thought of my old days there, my teenage summers, the evening falling with my opera arias in the radio, the breeze from the open balcony, my water colour painting. I tried to avoid looking in the balconies of the neighbours that passed away. I wanted to be there, timeless, with my father. He asked me: " Are you bored?". I said: "No".
Getting ready to drive back, my brother called me saying he wanted to show me something. We went to the car and he played a tune there in silence. Beatiful lyrics and a naive melody, then I heard his voice accompanying the very famous singer, very excited, I turned and asked him whether it was his lyrics. In fact the song was his. I envied him.We had the same faith lately with my brother, work problems and a broken heart. Last time I saw him he was crying all the time.And now, I found him having lost more weight than I had. Every member of the family was critisizing him lately of misbehaving. He has always been less for life, for guarantees, for conventions. But the song was so beautiful..I, who have been among the gang to critisize, melted. Melted in the song. In what he has done of his awful mornings. In what I decided to stop in my life: this pain for two carried by one....From Greece, I was back with cds of Xaris Alexiou, Antonys Remos and Marinella. I was thinking of how it would be hearing them live. This morning, I saw in the newspapers that Xaris Alexiou will join Yeni Turku in their 30th anniersary concert tonight in the openair theater of the city. Well I was more than lucky. My brother had tickets and we were delighted to have back our songs of the 80s, 90s, the ornamented songs of Yeni Turku. At the end of the concert, was my dream come true: Xaris Alexiou on the stage.
I had a priceless day in the time machine.With my brother..
On our way home, I learned that he was working on a screenplay and that the song he composed would be the title song for the movie. I asked the title: "Men Cry As Well"

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