Monday, 13 July 2009

Getting Away

Getting away, meter by meter, swimming in the sky,

flying above the sunflower fields ..

Getting there..

The sunflower fields reminded me the old song of YeniTurku with the beatiful lyrics of Murathan Mungan
Let the windows open
Let it rain at night
Let our sunflower dreams
Be soaked with the sound of the rain
We used to be kids
We used to be bright stars then
Although we can not return to back then
We have the springs that we ran after

Constantinopolis-Alexandropoulis (Istanbul-Dedeagac) 6 hours of a very pleasant journey with Varan Setra buses with a break in Tekirdag having the famous meatball lunch, costs you 60YTL(around 30 Euros) with return.

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