Sunday, 12 July 2009

I have a new job !

On the 5th of March, 2 days before my birthday, I lost my job in the economical crisis. At the very same day, my significant other dissappeared. The addiction took him over, took him away from me.
I was told first that it was not a seperation then knew it was so. There are more than one reason in such acts but I know it well that if I would not loose my job, this wouldn't happen there.

Having lost my job and my love, I had my family, friends, my health left, with the risk of moving out of my home that has been my dream for years. I was blessed by having the best landlord ever that consolated me and told me he doesn't need that money of the rent until I will arrange something.

I spent 4,5 months job hunting, staring at the ceiling, trying to find a solution and understand all this.

A month ago I saw this on a mall's entrance, stopped, stared at it and smiled..

If we stop shopping, he will loose his job !
It is the production, recruitment, consuming that keep economy up.
The economy in fact dies if it stops.
We will not surrender to the crisis!
We will go out to the market place, we will choose the one that carries Turkey's work!

We will support our country
Let the unemployed find back jobs, the ones that lost their jobs be back to their work, don 't let the shutters be locked forever!
Come on Turkey, first to produce then to consume what you have produced!

Lest Turkey smile!
If there is crisis, there is also solution."

This photo was taken on 7th of March. The day I felt the most miserable on earth. I thought about it and I mean it.
There was a dinner with my 27 years long girls gang, their husbands and my family. The boyfriend did not show up.

This photo means a lot to me.

This photo and the days I lived in the last 5 months I lived..And the ceiling of my living room.

This photo will explain the meaning of the photo in my previous post.

And what these girls mean to me.. As if I was a tree and they were my leaves.
I would have cold and would feel naked as a tree in the winter season.

I am starting my new work on Monday !..

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